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OVW Professional Goat Hair kisti dlya makiyazha Makeup Brushes Unicorn Sets Tarpered Blending Smudge Shader

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OVW Natural Hair Brushes

Tios :
1.All brushes are hand made and for the natural hair ones , they can not be exactly the same for each batches.

2.Sometimes there will be a little smell for some new brushes, it will fade away if you put them near the window.

3.As with brushes made with natural hair, some shedding may occur during the first few uses.

Customer feedback

Details of every part

Details of each brush

NO.7 detail highlight brush /goat hair
NO.8 shadow base brush / goat hair

NO.11 blending brush /goat hair
NO.12 shadow shader / goat hair

NO.14 blending brush /horse hair
NO.15 smudge brush / horse hair

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Daily Care

Wash your brushes occasionally with gentle brush soap and let them dry hanging upside down.
Brushes made with natural goat hair, some shedding may occur during the first few uses.

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Brush Material

Goat Hair, Horse Hair



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2 pics regular length

Used With

Eye Shadow

Handle Material


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Makeup Brush

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